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Gang Signs

I just find it really amusing that my mom knows about gang signs and that she was trying to teach me about them the other day.  Apparently there was a training seminar at her work where they taught her about different types of gangs and their signs/culture.  It was just too funny how she was talking about it.

And then we were at Wal-Mart the other day and my dad had to blow his nose so he pulled out this yellow handkerchief and my mom stairs at it and she's like "Yellow handkerchief...that looks like a gang sign" (because it looked like a folded up bandanna) and then she starts laughing to herself. My dad was like o_0 'omg, she need's help' and I was like 'LOOOLLLZ.'

But yeah, just the fact that she goes around pointing out gang signs and symbols to me now is hilarious.  I mean, how many people can say their mom's (especially desi ones) know gang signs? I love my mom.
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