misundersto_od (misundersto_od) wrote,

You have got to be kidding me

 I’ve had the most ridiculous morning ever.

I was late for my Game Design final because of a Pennsylvania driver who added an extra 2 crucial minutes to my commute. When I got to campus, I couldn’t find parking in the regular commuter lot (which rarely happens to me), so I had to park in the furthest commuter lot. Because I was late for my final, I pretty much ran from the parking lot to the business building. It was freezing cold out (like worse than normal). I left my gloves in my other jacket so my hands turned bright red in a minute (and I’m brown, that’s saying something).

When I got to my classroom, the lights were dark and no one was in there. It turns out he made the last assignment/project/game he gave us our final.

Way to fucking tell me about it Prof, really.
I just came to campus and drove/ran around like a mad person for no reason.


I’m going to go eat breakfast now.
Tags: fml, i hate life
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