misundersto_od (misundersto_od) wrote,

Update on Life

 Yeah, so I don't know how long it has been since I updated about life, but no worries. My life is so boring hardly anything big happens.
The only major events I can think of are...

  1. Jason Derulo / Super Mash Bros concert
  2. Declaring Majors (Double Major: Computer Information Systems and Marketing)
  3. My Friend;s Christmas Wedding
  4. NEW YEAR! 2011, survived another decade =]
  5. Becoming an international student mentor (It's a girl from China, I get to meet her starting spring semester)
  6. Getting a new laptop (It's another Toshiba Sattelite and I'm in love, don't regret not getting a  mac...glad I changed my mind)
And that's all that I can think of.

Oh, and I've become ridiculously obsessed with tumblr lately. It consumes most of my time since it is very addicting. 
This is my tumblr.  I have to warn you though...I reblog 40% kpop, 10% photography, and 50% other (with 10% of that being original content).

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